Welcome Friends



This is obviously my first post on my new site and I would like to welcome everyone who finds their way here. I’ll entertain you, scare you, make you cry, make you fall in love with people you’d otherwise never meet in your lifetime, I might make you feel sick to your stomach at times, I’ll hopefully make you laugh at times but most of all I will try to never let you leave here more bored than before you arrived.

I write mainly horror fiction and I dabble in other genres as well. I have done a few illustrations for publications and at one point in my life I was proud to call myself a tattoo artist.

I’ll be using this site as a forum to update readers on my fiction and to post the occassional free story along with my blog series, “A Writer’s Journey”, in which I discuss the lessons I’ve learned while trying to forge a career out of this craft called writing. Every now and then you might even catch me ranting.

Come back often and don’t forget to wipe your bloody shoes at the door, I’m all out of bleach.



One Response to “Welcome Friends”

  1. Man I would go back to the bald look. You would fit right in with the rest of the gang of horror writers

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