Get Fictionalized! Contest

You sit with the book cracked open in your lap, reading the words and imagining the characters the author has created for your enjoyment and imagine living their lives. Do you ever imagine yourself as part of the story?

Now you can.

To celebrate my invitation to the anthology, DEAD BELLS, I want to give you a chance to be immortalized as a character in my novella, SURVIVE. Your appearance will consist of at least two paragraphs, including your name and description. In addition, the winner (selected by a random drawing of names, by me, from a hat, held by my wife) will also receive a signed print copy of the anthology with a personal note of thanks by yours truly. What could be better than that?

How to enter:

It’s really simple. Just visit the New Bedlam Project e-zine at click on the “zine” link at the right-hand side of the screen. Once you are at the ‘zine read a story and leave a comment on it. It doesn’t have to be my story, any of the stories are valid for entry. Every comment left counts as an entry. But to be fair it has to be more than a “It was good” or “Great story”. The comment has to sound like you read the story, it would mean a lot to the authors who spent the time writing it. Then, e-mail me at subject line; SURVIVE CONTEST, with the name of the story you commented on, plus your full name and e-mail. Everyone will receive a confirmation e-mail within a couple of days letting you know that you have been entered. The winning entry will be drawn on September 1st, 2009 and an e-mail will be sent out to all who entered announcing the winner and the winner will be contacted to gather more information. The winner can transfer their prize to a family member, however, you can not use this to paint a person you dislike in a bad light.

Want to increase your chances of winning?

If you only have enough time to read a couple of stories but you really want more chances to win, you can make a donation to the e-zine to help with site costs and payments to future authors who contribute. To a maximum of five dollars you get one entrance for every dollar you donate. The process is the same basically. Send me an e-mail at the address above with the same subject line and the amount donated, your full name and e-mail, along with the date you made the donation. Confirmation of these entries might take a few more days as I have to confirm with the publisher that the donation was received.

The legal particulars:

As your likeness is being used, along with your name, if you win, there is a form that needs to be signed that simply states that you are giving permission for me to use them in a fictional manner. It’s just the legal stuff you know.

Last day for entry is August 28th, 2009. That’s about it, so get entering!

Brandon Layng

P.S. Feel free to repost this message for all your friends to read and direct them to either  or


2 Responses to “Get Fictionalized! Contest”

  1. Nancy K. Says:

    That’s a really cool idea. I’ll think on it. 🙂 It couldn’t hurt to read one of the stories either way.

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