Announcements 08/08/09

Here’s the next round of announcements. But before that I want to remind everyone about the contest I’ve been holding to win a chance to be a character in my novella, SURVIVE. There have been a lot of people stopping in at the New Bedlam Project site and a few leaving comments, which is very good but I have only received a few e-mails from people to enter the contest. If you’ve already left a comment on one of the stories, send me an e-mail telling me which one, with your full name and e-mail address. Even if you are not interested in being the character it would make a great gift to someone. What’s better thing to brag about than being there when the world ended? So check out the Contest post and get entering.

Now onto the announcements.

MORPHEUS TALES: Undead Special — Shamble on over to Morpheus Tale and pick up a copy of the new Undead Special Issue.

Official site:

Ordering page:

This special includes work by; Ray Gunn, Gary Hewitt, Eric S. Brown, Brandon Layng, L.B. Goddard, Mark Bell, Lori Bowen, Tonia Brown, Mark Anthony Crittenden, John Grover and many more that are not to be missed. Check out a preview of the mag and then place your order.

TOM PICCIRILLI — Now here’s a busy guy. Just announced: new massive collection FUTILE EFFORTS will soon be available from Cemetery Dance. Starred review in PW. Almost 600 pages long featuring introductions to my short fiction by the likes of Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, Christopher Golden, TM Wright, Tom Monteleone, Ray Garton, Jack O’Connell, Simon Clark, James A. Moore, Gerard Houarner, Tim Lebbon, and many others.

Check it out here:

MICHAEL WEST — Put the finishing touches on his first short fiction collection (Skull Full of Kisses–due out in January from Graveside Tales), and has been working on the re-writes for two novels. You’ll be able to find him at SIX conventions over the next four months, signing at some, at a booth for others but always willing to meet with readers and other writers. Find out more about the dates and times for these by visiting his MySpace blog

NATE KENYON — Has a new book out from Leisure Books, called THE BONE FACTORY, which I recommend you pick up and while you’re at it get yourself a copy of BLOODSTONE if you haven’t already. These are reads you don’t want to miss.

Until next time.



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  1. Thanks a million for mentioning my art in the Morpheus Tales undead special. Actually, i have art appearing in consecutive issues starting at issue number seven. For anyone interested in a preview of some of it please don’t hesitate to drop by my site and have a look!

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