The LPIF Fight Continues

Here is an e-mail I submitted to the misinformation site,┬áregarding the LPIF Fee which their commercial states is a tax foisted on the cable and satellite customers by the CRTC. They have several facts up on their site but fail to mention that this tax was actually placed on the cable and satellite companies by the CRTC and it was these companies who decided they would refuse to take a hit to their profit margins by adding the LPIF fee to the bills of their customers. THE CABLE AND┬áSATELLITE COMPANIES ARE REQUIRED TO PAY THIS FEE, NOT YOU THE CUSTOMER! DON’T BUY THE LIES.

In a letter I received from Rogers it was stated that this tax was being levied on the cable and satellites companies and that they were required to pay it but were going to pass it onto their customers. When I pay for basic cable I believe I also pay for these “Free-to-Air” channels and by passing on this tax to customers isn’t the cable and satellite companies simply double-billing for these channels? Wasn’t the purpose of this tax to make cable and satellite companies pay for channels they had been making a profit off of for decades? Cable and satellite companies pay for other networks and specialty channels, why shouldn’t they pay for local channels as well? Might this tax on cable and satellite companies (because the CRTC isn’t taxing the customers, the companies are, the CRTC just isn’t doing anything to keep you from passing it onto your customers)have been avoided by treating local networks the same way as other networks that these companies already pay for? Perhaps the CRTC made a mistake by not abolishing “Free-to-Air” networks, getting rid of their government subsidies and making the big companies pay for them. The problem would be that there would be little to no Canadian programming guarantee because they have to buy all US and Foreign shows to compete with the ratings to stay in business since Canadian centered shows garner ratings primarily in a Canadian demographic. I think it is immoral that the cable and satellite companies would twist the facts in their commercials to make it appear as if customers have to pay up to $10 because of the CRTC making them pay a tax when it is really a case of the big companies not wanting to take a hit to their profit margins and instead putting their responsibilities on their over-charged customers.

I’d like to see these answers posted to the site along with all the facts. I’m not alone and most people I’ve talked to are not stupid enough to believe that this is a CRTC tax on the public. People who received that letter and actually read it understand that the cable and satellite companies were “required” to pay this tax and it was the companies who decided to pass on the LPIF fee.

Try an honest approach and you might garner respect.

Brandon Layng


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