Bragging/New Fiction

I realized I have a couple of new works out in publications recently and I haven’t bragged about them. So now I am, lol.

“Die Untoten”, Sonar 4 Magazine Fall Double Edition — Unfortunately this is the last time Sonar 4 is doing a print edition of their popular publication (they still do the online e-zine though) but fortunately they finish off with a big double edition that includes my short tale that is a cross between “Return of the Living Dead” and “Saving Private Ryan”. I use the comparisons loosely. It’s one of my undead type tales set during WWI and gives new meaning to the term “No Man’s Land”. Pick up a copy I’m sure you’ll find plenty of fiction inside you’ll enjoy and hopefully one of those tales that keeps you up at night is mine.

“Poppa M’s Bedlam Tales: Bedlam’s Souls”, The New Bedlam Project — I always forget to pump my own work appearing in this quarterly e-zine as I am usually doing my part as a contributing editor to promote people to read the rest of the great fiction that shows up on the site. Be sure to stop by and read the latest installment in my flash series. The series centers around a personable old man named, Poppa M, local druggist, pusher of fountain pops and embellisher of New Bedlam’s history. As this is the third issue of TNBP, there are three stories so far. The first was “In the Beginning There Was Bedlam” introducing Poppa’s version of a town founder, a man who can cure all ills with his tonics and elixirs, Doc Bedlam. Trust me when I say Doc Bedlam is not a man you want to meet on a dirt street late at night as this story’s vict- er… protagonist finds out. The second installment is titled, “Cough Medicine”, in which Poppa cautions a customer taking the day off work for a cough. Poppa relates to the customer a story about one of Doc Bedlam’s unfortunate employees who finds himself waking up to a little girl who has the cure for his cough hidden in a strange green jar. In “Bedlam’s Souls” Poppa explains to an elderly woman admiring his green candy jar how he came by it. This tale blends atmosphere with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor along with revealing a little more about the man known to the town as Poppa M.. Don’t miss these tales, they’re a quick and fun read that will entertain and fill time during the lonely hours of the night. Plus, they’re free to read. You’ll be able to read the third in the series by clicking on the “Zine” link to the left of the opening page but for the first two you will have to click the links for past issues after going to the “Zine” link. If you enjoy what I’ve written or what anyone else has written, then be kind and help this excellent publication with a small donation of a dollar or two.

Those are the recent two but you can also go to the link in my legend at this side of the main page of my site and follow the “Free Fiction” link to more of my fiction — free of charge — that can be found on the Net. 

Happy reading friends and if you are or become a fan, be sure to add my page to your favorites or send me an e-mail telling me what you liked. I’d love to hear from you and us writers are the vain types; we love encouragement.

Brandon Layng


One Response to “Bragging/New Fiction”

  1. I had no idea Sonar 4 was leaving print! I’m so out of it… o_O Congrats on being in the final issue, though, hon. It seems to me finals are always the ones where the memories are. 😉


    PS – can hardly wait to see what you’ve got for Dead Bells! 😉

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