News and I need readers for AWAtD

In an upcoming installment of “A Writer’s Journey”, my blog series about the struggles and joys of breaking into a career in writing, I’ll have a guest. For the first in a series of future interviews, Nate Kenyon, Bram Stoker finalist and author of the books Bloodstone, The Reach, The Bone Factory, Prime (novella) and Sparrow Rock due out in 2010 from Leisure Books has been kind enough to answer some questions on some of the things that you, fellow writers, might find frustrating. I would like to host other interviews dealing with subjects the new and experienced writer might find of interest and I hope that readers will be able to take away useful information from them that will make breaking into the business a little easier and less stressful for them. I’ll keep you guys and gals updated when new interviews will be appearing and I’d like you to pass on the info to friends. Along with the interviews I’ll be posting bio info and links to where you can purchase copies of their books.

Now, I have a request of a more personal nature.

In January, I will be needing four readers to read my book A Walk Amongst the Dead and give feedback. Out of the several books I’ve written this is the one I’ve chosen to use as my first foray into finding representation and a publisher. This is an important one to me; the last book I wrote before my mom passed on and the one I never had the chance to read to her before her tumors made concentration difficult for long periods of time. I also had reservations about sharing it with her as it has a rather dark view of what happens to our bodies after we’re gone. Read the synopsis below and if you’re interested in being a reader send me an e-mail at with the subject line: “I want to Walk with the Dead”. Warning: this book is dark fantasy with a gore and horror bent, contains mature content and if you would like to be a reader I ask that you be at least 18 years of age and I would prefer if you have a background in writing, if possible.

“Mickey O’Flannagan is a husband, father and unlicensed physician for the mob. When mob boss Kiefer O’Bannion calls Mickey to a funeral home and asks him to perform a miracle to save the life of his right-hand man, Mickey realizes his own life is on the line this time. O’Bannion is a man with a ruthless reputation who doesn’t like it when things don’t work out the way he wants. All Hell breaks loose in the funeral home and Mickey gets burned, finding himself being buried in a box six feet down before the night is through.

“Body half-burned, Mickey wakes up in a pine box to the sound of scraping when he falls into The Otherside, a world where men carry their bowels in their arms like babies and only the newcomers breath, (some through holes in the necks). Mickey tries to make an afterlife for himself. He’s working as a physician again alongside a sadistic surgeon with a penchant for amputating and he starts to feel good about himself for the first time in years. All the while his daughter is struggling with the world he left behind, including her mother’s new love interest who she begins to suspect might be a part of her father’s disappearance and even worse are the dreams she is having where she is helpless and must watch her father survive against a biker gang called The Reapers, who are hellbent on killing her father for good.

“Mickey isn’t alone on the Otherside though. He finds help in the form of a young woman named Eve who has a deadly touch to the denizens of the Otherside. Through Eve, Mickey finds a way to get back to the world of the living but regaining his life and getting revenge on the man who took it won’t be easy with The Reapers hot on his tail and strange powers of his own growing stronger every step of the way. He must survive the Otherside if he wants to keep his daughter from joining him.”


2 Responses to “News and I need readers for AWAtD”

  1. Brandon, A Walk Amongst the Dead sounds like one hell of a thrill ride. Good luck with it.

    • AWAtD has become like another child to me. I want it to do well but I’ll love it and be proud of it no matter what. I think it’s the kind of story that would appeal to Barker and Lee fans that enjoy the dark fantasy side of those authors. That’ll be up to readers though.

      Speaking of which, I’m still looking for a couple more.

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