Want some FREE gifts?


A while back I jumped on the bandwagon after a publisher’s recommendation and I joined the Twitter craze. I was off again/on again with it. Now I’ve decided to try and tweet everyday until the end of the year. See if I can meet this self-imposed challenge. It’s a good way to keep updated on what’s happening in my writing life, updates on the site and reviews on my brother site Spine Busters. Plus there are always the random rants tainted with amusing sarcasm and occasional wit.

I want to sweeten the deal to encourage followers to join me. So here’s what I’m a gonna do.

Go to http://twitter.com/BrandonLayng and add me to the list of people you are following. Then send me a direct message with your e-mail address and let me know if you’d also like to be included in my newsletter list. I will then send you One FREE GIFT! You receive the gift regardless of signing up for the newsletter or not.

Want a second gift? Okay. Get a friend to follow me on Twitter, have them send a direct message to me with the same particulars in the message, plus your Twitter screen name and I will send them One FREE GIFT and you a Second FREE GIFT. Be sure to let them know that they can receive a second gift themselves by recommending a friend to follow me on Twitter as well.

It would be incredibly awesome if I could get to 666 followers before the year’s end. So what do you say, want to join me on the journey? If you’re already following me on Twitter you can get these gifts too. Just follow the instructions and I’ll send you a free gift, recommend a friend and I will send you the second gift as well.


One Response to “Want some FREE gifts?”

  1. Did I win already? How is the chapbook coming along?

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