I know it’s been a while since my last Announcements posting. Been tied up; bound with twist-tie ropes and gagged with fresh tampons soaked in pickle juice. Now that’s an image. As per usual I’ve compiled a brief set of postings of new material available from writers and publishers I’ve come to respect and trust to provide quality work. At the bottom, I’ll list a few of my own things available for your current consumption.

Ray Garton: Scissors a crazy psychological horror novel. The titular* theme of the book is disturbing to most men and though women may find it giggle-worthy at first will soon be shivering alongside their spouses as they read. Available from most bookstores. Read the Spine Busters’ review at

Order Scissors

Douglas Clegg: Neverland available now in most bookstores and online. I am currently reading this one and should have the review ready in the next week or so. Written in Clegg’s disturbing gothic ghost story style, this coming of age story revolves around summer vacation for a young boy and his siblings who are initiated into the mysteries of a rundown shack with its dark inhabitant who they come to worship. The volume itself is a beautiful work of publishing with astounding artwork inside. It’s affordably priced and worth the buy just to hold it in your hands. Clegg also has extra content on his site that enriches the reading experience. I encourage everyone to sign up for his newsletter. It’s a great way to get access to free e-books by this suspense master, as well as upcoming news, contests and games.

Order Neverland

Douglas Clegg’s Website:

Nate Kenyon: Sparrow Rock should be available by the time you read this. I’ve yet to be disappointed in anything I’ve read from Mr. Kenyon. Which means I can’t wait to get a copy of this one for myself. I want to learn what dark things lurk in the shadows of Sparrow Rock. Pick up a copy. It’ll be worth the read.

Order Sparrow Rock:

Jack Ketchum: According to his Twitter postings. Next month Leisure Books will be re-releasing Joyride with the novella Weed Species. Available now is his book, Cover, which you can find both online and at most bookstores.

Order Joyride/Weed Species

Order Cover

Tom Piccirilli/Shroud Publishing: All You Despise (Limited Edition Hardcover) this is a second printing of the rare collectible novella by noir horror talent Tom Piccirilli, whose witty and disturbing prose makes his work something entertaining and worth shivering over for days afterward. The print-run this time is only 50 signed copies with a foreword by Brian Keene and illustrations by Alex McVey.


David Dunwoody: Empire is now available at most bookstores in a slick Trade Paperback version. Just picked up my copy the other day and would be reading it already if Clegg’s Neverland hadn’t smelled so good. I’m excited to tear into it though and you should be too. It’s a great value for this volume.

Order through his site: 

Now onto me I guess.

Another of the Poppa M’s Bedlam Tales is up over at the New Bedlam E-zine. Head on over to to have a read and get into the season with a buggy tale called Spring Fever.

For those of you who need more bug love read my short story Can of Worms and many other crazy tales by a lovely bunch of people by picking up a copy of Courting Morpheus from Belfire Press It’s available in a gorgeous trade paperback at an affordable price. Other authors include: M.R. Sellars, Geoffrey Girard, Angela Gray, Louise Bohmer, Bruce Barber, Camille Alexa, Ann Tupek, Jeff Parish, Kevin J. Hurtack, Donna Shelton and David de Beer, edited by Jodi Lee with a foreword by Alethea Kontis.

FREE STUFF! I’m giving away free stuff for stalking me on Twitter (not actually stalking, that’s a crime, replace stalking with “following”). I’ve pledged myself with tweeting everyday until year end and I’m hoping to get to 666 Stalkers (followers) by that time. To say thank you to those already tracking my tweets and to those who want to start, I’m sending out pdf copies of my short story Movie Night which originally appeared in the Darkened Horizons: Halloween Special Edition. Plus if you recommend to a friend, you can get a second gift simply by having them DM me your name on Twitter. Movie Night is my ode to 80’s horror classics like A Nightmare on Elm St. But with my own twisted impression. You know you want it. Plus it’s easy to get.

Enough for now. New Announcements soon I hope.


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