I want to start a new movement on Twitter. Believe it or not, writers are a force to be reckoned with on Twitter. That’s writer, you have power. You readers have even more power on Twitter than the writers you read. I want you to use your powers for good (you can be evil all the time, except this time, okay).

I’ve already started posting this in my own Twitter thread. Using the topic #SupportTheLittleGuy , I’ve begun adding the names of small press publishers to my tweets in the hope I – I’d like that to change to “we” – can bring there names to a broader reading audience.

If you’ve read my last post on the future of Dorchester Publishing, you’ll know I believe that the horror fiction world has taken a hit by losing a massive supporter in Leisure Books one of the company’s imprints. A huge shift is taking place and as a small press publisher I speak with says, “the playing field is being levelled between big publishers and small press”. Small Press is the last battlement standing that isn’t afraid to read a submission listing a novel’s genre as horror. If hard economic times are crushing giants like Dorchester imagine how the little guys (and gals) of publishing are getting hit.

If you’re a writer and enjoy doing what you do, you’ve probably been helped somewhere along the way in your career by a small press publisher, whether it be by publishing your short story in an anthology or publishing your first novel. It’s time we paid them back. Hop on your Twitter account and join the #SupportTheLittleGuy campaign.

Here’s a few I’ve already posted. Use them yourself if you like. Actually PLEASE use them!

#SupportTheLittleGuy @SkullvinesPress @HorrorWriters @StygianPub @TTApress @RDSPress @eldersignspress @Dark_Regions_Pr

#SupportTheLittleGuy @LOTLD @shroudmag @BandersnatchBks @belfirepress @PermutedPress @CemeteryDance @DamnationBooks @blackbedsheet

#SupportTheLittleGuy @GravesideTales Go to and sign up for The Gravesider Newsletter.

Go even farther and add your favourite small press authors to the #SupportTheLittleGuy campaign. Put in a few words to your followers about why they should follow them and buy their books. This is your horror genre. It’s up to you and me to keep it alive and strong.

If you have other small press publishers that are on Twitter or not on Twitter, be sure to let me know by leaving a comment on this post or by letting me know on Twitter.




  1. That’s great, Brandon! I’ve retweeted it.

  2. Danny Evarts Says:

    Great idea! All of us—writers, editors, publishers, artists, readers—and need to help one another out. Thanks, Brandon. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Brandon!

  4. I think this is a great idea! Count me in!

  5. Fantastic.
    I will do my bit!

  6. Excellet idea Bradon. I couldn’t agree more that playing field is being leveled. For years the industry snubbed the way the small press does business but now it’s a whole new ball game.

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