My novel, ANGEL’S CROSSING, is being sponsored by Graveside Tales publishing as a newsletter exclusive e-serial. The GRAVESIDER Newsletter is free, filled with the latest info on one of the small press’ best publishers and now comes with a FREE novel straight to your inbox. It can’t get much better than that. You gotta love getting a free book every Friday in easy to digest instalments just for signing up.

On a personal note, I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally share this novel with you and to have the opportunity to share it through Graveside Tales. Below you’ll find a brief description and a sample from the novel to whet your appetite.

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ANGEL’S CROSSINGHe wrote the world into existence in six days and on the seventh day He will rest. Will the world have the strength to write its own story? Our first – or our last – stand will be made in the town of Forest Hills, a town stricken by the horrors of a serial killer who is only a harbinger of the evil to come. By the time the four angels meet at the crossing will there be anyone left to stand with them against the waves of infected and their creator? Find out for yourself beginning September 3rd, 2010

Eddie registered the blindness and pain simultaneously. Some thing was latched onto his face. He choked on the agony, gasps for breath hurting his chest, his mouth sucking air like a goldfish out of water. The thing holding his head slithered between his lips, a lover’s unwanted tongue pushing them wider as it scratched down his throat. He urged his hands to release their death grip on the window bars and the pain forced them tighter. Panic taking over, he attempted swallowing the thing and the coaxing muscles in his neck helped the worm find its way into his chest.

Thump, thump, his heart hammered at his ribs. He prayed for a heart-attack.

The empty husk released its hold, fell to the pavement below the prison cell window and dissolved into a phlegm-like film near the discarded remains of the former Bedroom Slasher. Inside of the new host, the firewyrm began the process of taking control, infecting and reproducing.

Eddie let go of the bars. His knuckles white from the strain of supporting his weight. Collapsing onto the bench, his knees buckling. Eyes bugging out in fear for the briefest moment, then slowly they closed to slits bloodshot with black veins. Eddie was a changed man.



  1. I’ve just gotten a chance to catch up on this. I’m enjoying it so far!

  2. Thank you Barry. The 3rd instalment goes out tomorrow. I hope it keeps you reading.

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