Hold Amazon Accountable for Pedophile Guide!

NOTE: This post was deleted later today. Amazon.com has removed the book and we can all get back to supporting the small press by buying a book today. Please visit http://www.supportthelittleguy.wordpress.com to find out how you can join the Twitter based campaign to help bring more attention to the small press.

Thank you to everyone who took a stand. I’m proud of you.

Brandon Layng


5 Responses to “Hold Amazon Accountable for Pedophile Guide!”

  1. Thanks for linking to my post and also for all of the information. I’m updating as I hear from Amazon. My most recent conversation with a customer service escalation manager seemd to indicate they may – MAY – be changing their minds.

    If anyone is boycotting, I’m asking them to link in my comments to try to get some sort of count. If we all band together our voices will be heard!

    • You’re more than welcome. You posted a great blog entry on the subject. I want to see more people being proactive by blogging their voice on this. It’s good to hear we’re beginning to have an effect on them. Maybe we can stop this from happening again.

  2. Can you imagine this sick man has a profile on fb that says ‘Hello everyone and welcome to my page, bring the kids and take a look around! ‘
    This reinforces the notion that capitalism is indeed the worst worst plague on mankind as AMAZON wld be more than willing to profit from such literature not even speaking of the publishers of such a monstrosity. BOYCOTT AMAZON !

    • R, that is indeed disturbing. I’m posting a new entry, you should check out. We were successful and Amazon has done the right thing by taking it down. We should all get back to our regular book buying and continue to support our small press publishers and authors who depend on Amazon to survive.

  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself. To say this makes me sick is putting it mildly. It’s a good thing amazon.com took it down. They would have lost so much business it wouldn’t have been funny, BUT they would have deserved it. I hope they learned a valuable lesson. Don’t mess with our kids!!! We won’t tolerate it PERIOD!!!

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