WE DID IT! Don’t forget the LittleGuy!

Our efforts bore fruit. The Pedophile’s Guide to Love & Pleasure has been pulled from Amazon.com. I’d like to thank Amazon.com for doing what’s right, for listening to their customers as they stood united against this book. I’d still prefer to know that all profits from the book have gone to make reparations to victim support groups. But I’ll leave that up to Amazon.com and the author to make that wise decision.

Now it’s our turn.

We need to remember that a continued boycott of Amazon.com means we’re hurting the people who deserve our support. #SupportTheLittleGuy and return to your regular shopping. Many small press/indie publishers and authors depend on Amazon.com as a way of continuing to provide us with hours of entertainment with their written words. If anything we need to show them now more than ever that we support them. In your anger don’t forget the LittleGuy.

Please buy a book from a small press publisher or author today.

I’ll be removing my previous post later today, because I don’t want people to misled into believing this issue continues in regards to this individual book.

Note: I would like to add, that if you purchased this book, out of curiosity or any other reason, I strongly suggest you consider making a donation to victims of sexual abuse support groups. You should also feel shame. You’ve lined this man’s pockets and shown others that a book like this can make money because of people being morbid. You’ve helped to encourage his cause.


4 Responses to “WE DID IT! Don’t forget the LittleGuy!”

  1. That Amazon scandal was crazy last week. Good to see it was resolved, but I’m still amazed that they initially defended its inclusion.

    • I’m happy to see the situation was resolved as well. Unfortunately it left a serious mark on the average consumer. Some may never forgive the company and that only hurts the authors who deserve the support.

      It doesn’t surprise me that it occurred in the first place. I don’t see Amazon hiring people to read and okay the content of the thousands of books they publish each week. It wouldn’t be cost efficient to do that. That’s why it’s up to the consumer to point out the error of their ways. The Freedom of Speech/non-censorship blanket excuse is really a way of excusing their lack of content monitoring. It would be entirely possible to sell a product through Amazon that is illegal just by giving it a thin disguise.

  2. That is pretty crazy. I’m glad it was sorted out. Personally, I’ll write and let the others fight over what should or should not be made. The only house that I get to dictate over, by any stretch of the imagination (unless you are my wife (in which case, sorry honey (cringe))), is my own.

    That said: What a f’d up book.

    Draven Ames

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    forward to new updates.

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