A Chance to Help

Recently through the ongoing #SupportTheLittleGuy campaign I was asked if the campaign could apply to assisting filmmakers. This falls into a gray area for the campaign which is aimed at helping small press publishers and writers gain more exposure. But I took a moment to check it out.

I’m glad I did. Edward Hightower (I’m reposting his comment left in my “About” section below) of Landed Gentry Productions is soliciting the public for funds to back a small film project called, “A Waltz”. There is a link to the video in his comment below. I watched the video, you should too. I’ve seen a few of these videos on kickstart.com and the ones I’ve seen are not as professionally made as this one. It was inspiring and showed the promise this film has in the hands of these independent filmmakers. Unfortunately, there is less than 7 days left to donate money to this project, but I encourage everyone reading this blog to take some time to invest in someone’s future. This is a great opportunity to do something worthwhile, to be able to look back and say “I helped to make this film happen”. They are still close to 2/3 away from their $10,000 goal. Even if you can only donate $1 it helps and you can considerate a Christmas gift to future generations who will benefit from this film being available for their viewing pleasure. Watch the video and see if you aren’t moved to find out more about this story.

Now a few words from Mr. Hightower:

  Hello Brandon, Edward Hightower here, actor in and producer (one of three) of A Waltz, which fearofwriting recently shared with you. Here’s a link, to refresh your memory or introduce the project to others: http://kck.st/9DKqbZ

We have 7 days to go and really need to get the word out there. This project is created, performed, produced, filmed, edited and whatall-ever-else by entirely local Northern California artists and technicians. Not only does its success fund locally-produced independent film, it also supports local artists and the local economy. Filmmakers are the chasers of unimagined dreams. Help us build a net to catch them.

 Thank you, sincerely,

Edward Hightower Actor/Producer The Landed Gentry

As writers, we are often inspired by film. This is a way to say “Thank you” for all of those movies that sparked an idea for a story and to ensure that you have more inspiration in your future.

Donate today and #SupportTheLittleGuy

Take care,

Brandon Layng


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