I am a writer, artist and philosopher, a father and I am married to my ideal reader — a woman who never fails to encourage and support me. I’ve been writing since I was in grade five when my teacher read the class a book called, “Pennies for Nothing”, by Gordon Korman. What made me want to write was not necessarily the book or how it was written but the fact that the author who wrote it was first published before he reached his teens. I was awestruck, inspired and encouraged by this. I realized that it wasn’t only the men and women in the later years of their life who wrote books and I saw an opportunity. Up until I was eighteen, I wrote at a rate of roughly four short stories a year (not much right?) on an avocado green IBM Selectric typewriter my mother had purchased for me one Christmas. At eighteen I found out my son was going to be born and between a full-time and a part-time job and finishing school so my son would never have an excuse not to get his high school diploma, I wrote only two stories. Oddly enough, I’ve lost most of those early stories as we moved from place to place – except the two I wrote when I was eighteen. Those two ended up as the inspiration for my first novel, “Angel’s Crossing”. I’m working on my fourth novel, “A Walk Amongst the Dead” now, prepping it for submission and the typewriter sits in the closet. I have a penchant for old things, antiques especially, and to most my second-hand Pentium II would be considered antique. I can’t get on the Internet with it with out a lag a mile long but it works to write on so I use it for that and the memory is filled with the writing I do now. I use my new laptop for first drafts of novels and hoping on the electronic highway. I’ve so far written approximately 80 short stories, four novels and maybe a dozen poems with many more to come.
   A Great deal of my early inspirations came from movies, so it should come as no surprise that I’ve decided to review them here on occassion. My fiction may center around the Speculative realms but my movie tastes are varied. When I write, I don’t do it with heavy shoulders, I do it with a smile. I do it because of you, my friends and readers on MySpace, WordPress and my readers finding me on the printed page and across the Internet, the people who have continuously encouraged and supported my ambitions through your eagerness to read the next piece or by steering me in the write directions, the helpful comments and criticisms. The people I have connected with here do what a teacher once did when he read me a book about a kid with nothing, who earned everything.

To all my friends… take it easy

Brandon Layng


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