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NEWS BLAST 02.22.2014

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Win a Copy of Clive Barker’s The Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive Edition!

One lucky DRP customer will win a copy of The Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive Edition when they order a DRP Big Box this weekend. This is a signed, limited edition hardcover and all you have to do to win this free book is to purchase a Big Box this weekend (Feb 21st-23rd). The lucky winner will find a ticket waiting inside for them. Order more Big Boxes to increase your chance of winning. Convince your friends to buy one and you can share the book (maybe keeping it at each house on alternating weeks, or they can just give it to you as an awesome gift because they think you’re great).

What’s in a Big Box?

1x Deluxe Signed Slipcased Hardcover or Premium Signed Hardcover from Other Publisher (retail: $45 – $300)
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Here’s the link to order now.

Good luck!



Interview with Justin Gustainis, author of Known Devil

Gef Fox writes honest, entertaining, and intelligent reviews of movies and books in a wide spectrum of genres. But there are also excellent interviews with authors on the site, Wag The Fox. Here’s a great one with the Justin Gustainis, author of the Occult Crimes Unit Trilogy, from Angry Robot Books (a favourite publisher of mine). The interview is followed by a review of Hard Spell, Book 1 of the series.

Find it here:



Ultra Cool One-time Only, CD T-Shirts

Cemetery Dance has recently announced their first ever surprise in-stock t-shirts. This is a one-shot printing and will not be available beyond the quantity they currently have, so you need to snap these up quick. Printed on Gildan heavy cotton tees, they are available in M, L, XL, & 2XL. The cost is a steal at only $18, plus shipping. Order yours today!



Emma Newman Interview

ARB is posting the occasional author interview on the website and I thought it might be interesting for readers out there to hear from the authors with the possibility it might encourage you to pick up a book from this excellent publisher. The newest interview is with Emma Newman, author of The Split Worlds series.



Holiday Fiction

I’m a little late getting this one out because I haven’t been keeping up with my regular round of author websites like I once did. But I was very happy to find out one of my favourite authors (who has had a huge impact on my own writing) posted a piece of short fiction on his blog during Christmas time.

Follow this link

to read, “People at Christmas Time” by Ray Garton. And make sure to leave a comment or two to let Ray know how much you enjoyed the story or any other piece of his writing.


 If you’re an author or publisher and you have something coming out, and you would like to have another mouth spread the word, drop me an e-mail at foxtat2-at-hotmail-dot-com. I’m always happy to help out.


PUG: The Making of a NaNoWriMo Horror Novel

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PUG: The Making of a NaNoWriMo Horror Novel

November is almost upon us, which means crazy meatheads like me are stretching our fingers in preparation to cram 50K of words into a month from out of thin air. Since I haven’t been interviewed in a while and my two zodiac signs (Leo & Rooster) are growling and strutting for attention, I figure I’d introduce you to my November project, PUG, by asking myself a few questions. In the process maybe you’ll understand what inspires me, why people get the crazy idea to let their mind & fingers spazz out for a month, and possibly – hopefully – I will make you want to either follow my progress or even better, join me on this fun-freakin-tastic journey.


– I first heard about NaNoWriMo, a challenge for writers (amateurs and professionals alike) to write 50,000 words in one month, from my friend, Jodi Lee, back in 2007. You can find out more info about the challenge and the non-profit organization at . My first two novels took me forever to write and I thought I could use the extra motivation and a deadline for a real word count would put the pressure on me I needed to write my third book. I won that first year and the one after that. Those two books are the still as yet unpublished Sin in Skin and A Walk Amongst the Dead. I’ve worked on a few other novels between then and now, and a whole slew of short stories (some of those have been published, lol). Mostly, I’ve been editing those two NaNo books, because they are awesome. I mentioned in a previous post how I got a little help from one of the writers I most admire, Ray Garton (read his books and you’ll understand why I think he’s totally fucking cool). After his read-through, I was humbled and encouraged by his advice. I then turned into a hermit with his head buried in draft after draft of his novel.

*BTW I’m finally getting up the guts to send AWAtD out to one of two publishers I most want to find a home for my book with. The problem is, they are both holding open submissions and I can’t decide which to send it to. A little advice on that front would be a great help everyone. So share your two cents in the comments section, please.

What is PUG about? Give the people a synopsis, why don’t you?

Okay, here’s the official NaNo synopsis:

Bob Ballard and his wife, Linda both grew up with a family dog and they want their newborn daughter to enjoy the same experience. They bundle up baby Alexandra and make a trip to the local animal shelter. There Linda falls in love with a pug. They adopt her and decide to name her, Sugar (“because she’s so sweet”), but baby Alex doesn’t seem to trust the new family pet. Her parents think their little girl will grow to love her new puppy.

But they don’t know Sugar. And they didn’t bother to ask where the shelter found the dog.

Soon neighborhood cats will go missing and the crazy cat lady next door will accuse Sugar of being behind the disappearances. Bob begins to suspect he should have trusted his daughter.
Will he convince Linda their dog is evil before it’s too late? Or will she have to see the danger herself before she will listen?

What inspired the idea to make the monster an evil Pug dog?

A couple of years ago my wife adopted a pug from a local shelter. She named her, Cupcake. Cupcake was a rescue from a puppy mill, was only a year old and had already given birth to a litter of pups, and had spent most of her so far short life kept in a kennel. If you’ve ever met a puppy mill dog you know they are either aggressive or nervous. Both of our dogs (we also have a Boston Terrier – my puppy – named, Mickey) are puppy mill rescue dogs. But whereas Mickey is obsessively clean and rarely makes a mess outside of the area of his dog pad, Cupcake is not. She eats her poo. I tell everyone she does. It annoys the hell out of me. She’ll poop and pee on her pad or in the vicinity of her pad and then will eat her poo to spread the mess around. She mushes it into the floor, smearing it all over. We’ve researched the behavior. We’ve tried dozens of solutions. None work. I understand why she does it. But it still drives me nuts. Sometimes, I think she does it to be a little evil. That’s ridiculous though. She’s too cute to be evil. Or is she?

You’re taking a whole month, putting everything else aside, and writing a short novel/novella. What challenges might stand in your way? How will you keep yourself motivated?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, and ha! It’s going to be a challenge for sure. My wife just broke her foot. She’s the one who keeps our home running. She’s amazing at it. If I’m the home security, she would be considered the home manager. I have Crohn’s disease and as a result of all the bleeding, I’m severely anemic and fatigued, which means I can’t keep up with the day-to-day around here at the speed she does. One of my other duties around the house is taxi driver for everyone (including extended family) and that means when someone needs to go somewhere I’ll need to put down the writing to get in the driver’s seat. I’ll also be spending half of my day doing the final polish on that other manuscript I was taking about and preparing a submission package. I have a five-year old and a twelve-year old (who’s Asperger’s Autistic).

To deal with all this and get those words desperately down on electronic/real paper I plan on stealing any second I can to sit and write. I’ll be seeking the help of my pain medication, smokes, and a crap ton of movies. I’ll also make sure my inspirational books like, On Writing by Stephen King, The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman, and The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass are close by. I will be dragging my laptop into the bathroom with me – not in the shower, of course.

And I will be learning to say, “Leave me alone. I’m writing.” To everybody.

I also plan on writing an update on my progress once a week and posting it to my blog to keep me honest. I’ll be looking for your help with this, my readers. Your encouragement is much appreciated. In my next posting I’ll be asking you to send me pics of your evil looking dogs so I can post them on the blog for all to see. Get your cameras ready. The winners of most evil dogs will be in for some canine-related prizes.

Any advice to others who are considering taking the November NaNo plunge?

Yeah, don’t stress about it. This is suppose to be challenging, but it’s also meant to be fun. I had more fun then stress by the time I was done – both years I won. I remember the astonished sense of pride I felt when I managed in the final push to write 9K of words in a 3 ½ hour coffee shop bonanza. I bragged to all of my friends I’d done it. None of them had ever attempted such a feat. They thought it was pretty amazing.

Now, what if I didn’t finish in those two years, how would I feel? I’d have been proud of myself for trying and I would have kept on trying. Those books I started working on wouldn’t sit on a shelf gathering dust because (like what actually happened both times) I would have taken a month off and went right back to writing them. Even at 50K the book is rarely done. Your first draft will most often be only half-finished and then there are the drafts that come after as you edit. Think of it like a trip into outer space. You have your rockets strapped on and you thrust out of the atmosphere, that’s NaNoWriMo work, the thrust for adjustment and the coasting that comes after isn’t so hard, but it will take longer. Finishing the book just becomes your way of maintaining orbit. Either way, you’re out of this world until you are completely done and the book is off to publishers. Then you’ll be so excited because it’s time to blast off again.

Good luck to all of you getting your NaNo groove on this year. And to the others… I hope to hear the clicking of your keyboard during NaNoWriMo 2014.

Now a message from our sponsor.

Pugsalicious dog food. Filled with meat by-products in a blood-based gravy. Your pug will say, “Yummy” and keep that rascal from making a home in your empty stomach cavity.

A Chance to Help

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Recently through the ongoing #SupportTheLittleGuy campaign I was asked if the campaign could apply to assisting filmmakers. This falls into a gray area for the campaign which is aimed at helping small press publishers and writers gain more exposure. But I took a moment to check it out.

I’m glad I did. Edward Hightower (I’m reposting his comment left in my “About” section below) of Landed Gentry Productions is soliciting the public for funds to back a small film project called, “A Waltz”. There is a link to the video in his comment below. I watched the video, you should too. I’ve seen a few of these videos on and the ones I’ve seen are not as professionally made as this one. It was inspiring and showed the promise this film has in the hands of these independent filmmakers. Unfortunately, there is less than 7 days left to donate money to this project, but I encourage everyone reading this blog to take some time to invest in someone’s future. This is a great opportunity to do something worthwhile, to be able to look back and say “I helped to make this film happen”. They are still close to 2/3 away from their $10,000 goal. Even if you can only donate $1 it helps and you can considerate a Christmas gift to future generations who will benefit from this film being available for their viewing pleasure. Watch the video and see if you aren’t moved to find out more about this story.

Now a few words from Mr. Hightower:

  Hello Brandon, Edward Hightower here, actor in and producer (one of three) of A Waltz, which fearofwriting recently shared with you. Here’s a link, to refresh your memory or introduce the project to others:

We have 7 days to go and really need to get the word out there. This project is created, performed, produced, filmed, edited and whatall-ever-else by entirely local Northern California artists and technicians. Not only does its success fund locally-produced independent film, it also supports local artists and the local economy. Filmmakers are the chasers of unimagined dreams. Help us build a net to catch them.

 Thank you, sincerely,

Edward Hightower Actor/Producer The Landed Gentry

As writers, we are often inspired by film. This is a way to say “Thank you” for all of those movies that sparked an idea for a story and to ensure that you have more inspiration in your future.

Donate today and #SupportTheLittleGuy

Take care,

Brandon Layng

WE DID IT! Don’t forget the LittleGuy!

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Our efforts bore fruit. The Pedophile’s Guide to Love & Pleasure has been pulled from I’d like to thank for doing what’s right, for listening to their customers as they stood united against this book. I’d still prefer to know that all profits from the book have gone to make reparations to victim support groups. But I’ll leave that up to and the author to make that wise decision.

Now it’s our turn.

We need to remember that a continued boycott of means we’re hurting the people who deserve our support. #SupportTheLittleGuy and return to your regular shopping. Many small press/indie publishers and authors depend on as a way of continuing to provide us with hours of entertainment with their written words. If anything we need to show them now more than ever that we support them. In your anger don’t forget the LittleGuy.

Please buy a book from a small press publisher or author today.

I’ll be removing my previous post later today, because I don’t want people to misled into believing this issue continues in regards to this individual book.

Note: I would like to add, that if you purchased this book, out of curiosity or any other reason, I strongly suggest you consider making a donation to victims of sexual abuse support groups. You should also feel shame. You’ve lined this man’s pockets and shown others that a book like this can make money because of people being morbid. You’ve helped to encourage his cause.

What’s a Happening

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What’s a happening with Brandon Layng’s writing?

A few good things to report about myself. The launch of #SupportTheLittleGuy E-zine was a success, with positive feedback on the stories and the reviews. The campaign itself is taking off and writers/publishers have gotten back to me with plenty of good news. I’m happy to see it’s helping out so many people. But it is pretty strange being back in the publishing end of things. Read more about the campaign to bring more exposure to the small press publishers and writers, at: or read the first issue of the e-zine at:

If you’ve been keeping up with my infrequent postings you know that “The Last Concert” my zombie Apocalypse concert tale has a home at and readers are enjoying it so far. Many comments have labelled the concert in the story, “Deadstock”. Which has brought a smile to my face.

One of my newest written short stories, “Wigging Out” has been accepted for “Made You Flinch: 2 for Flinching” edited by Bill Tucker from Library of Horror Press. It’s a must-read when it comes out, too many great writers in both volumes of the antho to name, but also my story includes some real-life creepy things that happened to me as a kid. Believe me, it freaked me out then and it will freak you out now. I’ll post more once I find out the release information on the anthology.

Speaking of creepy stories in anthologies. Gef Fox who runs a review site called, Wag the Fox ( ) recently reviewed Belfire Press’ Courting Morpheus anthology, which if you recall contains my short story “Can of Worms”. I was very pleased when I saw a mention of my story in the review. Gef calls my little terror tale “stomach-turning horror”. It gives me great pleasure when a reader comes away from my work feeling that way 8)

You can read the rest of the review here:

What I’m working on now.

“Don’t Know Your Own Strength” is a novella I’m tentatively labelling as Young Adult Horror. I’m never sure how far the horror elements of a story will go and it’s possible that it may become something too mature for highschool aged readers by the time I’m finished. As it stands the story (approx. 13K at the moment) will appeal to both young adults as well as adults. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Quincy Banner considers himself a geek, a comic book nerd, and it doesn’t help that almost everyone else agrees with him. He’s an outcast from the comic book crowd for his love of old horror comics instead of spandex wearing busty super-woman and men. The school jocks consider him easy prey any time they have a bad day and to add to the 1980’s film plot that is his life, he’s in love with the quarterback’s girl. Quincy’s had enough of being saddled with every affliction plaguing a teenager’s chances at popularity when he decides to answer an ad in one of his comic books. Dr. D. Satanica’s wonder pill promises to fix it all. But will they cause more problems than they’re worth when he wakes up in the woods covered in blood?

“Unravelled” another novella, I’ve been writing that pits an amalgamation of all the television mystery men from the ‘70s and ‘80s (from Columbo to Mike Hammer) against an ancient Egyptian mystery revived in our modern day. I’m having a helluva fun time writing the character, Det. Harry Brakes, a divorced, too smart for his own good, alcoholic, cop with a knack for solving the tough stuff. The only thing that’s been holding back this story has been a lack of communication from a local museum I was hoping could help me with research. I may have to resort to contacting a few other museums instead.

“Orphan Mary” I’ve been working at this one piece by piece since the story appeared on More often than not, Tales of the Zombie War gets sent my undead tales – with the exception of “Princess” which appeared in the Undead Special Edition of Morpheus Tales Magazine – and this one received a lot of response from readers wanting to know more about my Typhoid Mary-like character who was responsible for spreading the zombie plague. She’s just a little girl wishing for a family and she has a story to be told, so I’m trying to tell it.

“Life Sentence” which is another Tales of the Zombie War e-zine story has received the most responses by readers for one of my stories on the site. I asked readers when it originally was published to give it a read and let me know if they wanted more. And they did. The account of an inmate trapped in a super jail written between the lines in an Ernest Hemingway novel caught people’s interest and they asked to be told what happened after his cellmate re-animated into one of the “Rhinos” (a thick-skinned zombie controlled by a mutated strain of the cold-causing virus). “Life Sentence” is not a novella like the others I’ve mention but is a shorter novel at this point. I’ve continued to work hard on it as the story builds but it has been slow going. I’m hoping to have the first draft finished by early 2011.

“Angel’s Crossing” my debut novel, which has been sponsored as a newsletter exclusive e-serial from Graveside Tales Publishing is now in its 7th instalment. We’re into Part Two now. Readers have met “The Writer” in his lonely library office, writing the world into being. They’ve been introduced to the bloody lust of the Bedroom Slasher, a serial killer stalking the bedrooms of Forest Hills’ female population. Raphael and Eddie Raleigh had a vivid, savage meeting at the Gas King gas station out on the highway before the angel left the gas station attendant a shocking surprise at home while he went off to watch a concert starring the paraplegic trumpet player, Gabriel Cruise. The sky opened up all of its fury and Michael Howe burned in its fiery column, while Uriel tended to an old widow’s horses with his dog, Judas. In the most recent instalment the reader discovers the true nature of the Bedroom Slasher and what his presence may mean for the little logging town of Forest Hills. Don’t miss out on any more instalments, sign up for The GRAVESIDER newsletter today at If you’re already reading the book and you’re enjoying it, why not tell a friend to subscribe so they can get their free read too? I’d greatly appreciate it. Coming soon to my website will be an audio commentary on the book. I’ll be talking about the process of writing along with what inspired certain scenes. Keep an eye out for it.

“Movie Night” & “5 Perspectives on an Artificial Baby Toy” PDFs are still available to my followers on Twitter. If you’re not already following me on Twitter, why not start today? DM me your e-mail address and I’ll send you the first PDF as a free gift to say, thank you for following me. If you tell a friend about me and they DM me your Twitter screen name, I’ll send you a copy of the second PDF. “Movie Night” originally appeared in Darkened Horizons: Halloween Special Edition and is an homage to 80s slasher flicks like A Nightmare on Elm St.. “5 Perspectives on an Artificial Baby Toy” is a never-before, never-will be published novelette reserved as a special thank you gift for promotions. The only way you can ever read it is by taking advantage of times like this. The story takes place in a future where the world’s trees have been wiped out by biological warfare and the surviving population lives in super-cities with oxygen machines. The way of the world hasn’t been altered by the struggle to survive; elitism and commercialism have reached new depths in depravity. Follow me on Twitter today for your chance to receive these terrific reads,

CHAT — I’ll be hosting another chat again soon. An announcement will be made on here, my site and over at Twitter. Watch for it and come join me. We’ll talk about Angel’s Crossing, #SupportTheLittleGuy and Horror movies/books in general. It’ll be a good time had by all.


Brandon on Twitter

“The Last Concert” 

“Orphan Mary” 

“Life Sentence” 

Angel’s Crossing/The GRAVESIDER 

#SupportTheLittleGuy HQ

#SupportTheLittleGuy E-zine


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My novel, ANGEL’S CROSSING, is being sponsored by Graveside Tales publishing as a newsletter exclusive e-serial. The GRAVESIDER Newsletter is free, filled with the latest info on one of the small press’ best publishers and now comes with a FREE novel straight to your inbox. It can’t get much better than that. You gotta love getting a free book every Friday in easy to digest instalments just for signing up.

On a personal note, I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally share this novel with you and to have the opportunity to share it through Graveside Tales. Below you’ll find a brief description and a sample from the novel to whet your appetite.

You can sign up today for The GRAVESIDER Newsletter and get started on ANGEL’S CROSSING by following this link

ANGEL’S CROSSINGHe wrote the world into existence in six days and on the seventh day He will rest. Will the world have the strength to write its own story? Our first – or our last – stand will be made in the town of Forest Hills, a town stricken by the horrors of a serial killer who is only a harbinger of the evil to come. By the time the four angels meet at the crossing will there be anyone left to stand with them against the waves of infected and their creator? Find out for yourself beginning September 3rd, 2010

Eddie registered the blindness and pain simultaneously. Some thing was latched onto his face. He choked on the agony, gasps for breath hurting his chest, his mouth sucking air like a goldfish out of water. The thing holding his head slithered between his lips, a lover’s unwanted tongue pushing them wider as it scratched down his throat. He urged his hands to release their death grip on the window bars and the pain forced them tighter. Panic taking over, he attempted swallowing the thing and the coaxing muscles in his neck helped the worm find its way into his chest.

Thump, thump, his heart hammered at his ribs. He prayed for a heart-attack.

The empty husk released its hold, fell to the pavement below the prison cell window and dissolved into a phlegm-like film near the discarded remains of the former Bedroom Slasher. Inside of the new host, the firewyrm began the process of taking control, infecting and reproducing.

Eddie let go of the bars. His knuckles white from the strain of supporting his weight. Collapsing onto the bench, his knees buckling. Eyes bugging out in fear for the briefest moment, then slowly they closed to slits bloodshot with black veins. Eddie was a changed man.


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I want to start a new movement on Twitter. Believe it or not, writers are a force to be reckoned with on Twitter. That’s writer, you have power. You readers have even more power on Twitter than the writers you read. I want you to use your powers for good (you can be evil all the time, except this time, okay).

I’ve already started posting this in my own Twitter thread. Using the topic #SupportTheLittleGuy , I’ve begun adding the names of small press publishers to my tweets in the hope I – I’d like that to change to “we” – can bring there names to a broader reading audience.

If you’ve read my last post on the future of Dorchester Publishing, you’ll know I believe that the horror fiction world has taken a hit by losing a massive supporter in Leisure Books one of the company’s imprints. A huge shift is taking place and as a small press publisher I speak with says, “the playing field is being levelled between big publishers and small press”. Small Press is the last battlement standing that isn’t afraid to read a submission listing a novel’s genre as horror. If hard economic times are crushing giants like Dorchester imagine how the little guys (and gals) of publishing are getting hit.

If you’re a writer and enjoy doing what you do, you’ve probably been helped somewhere along the way in your career by a small press publisher, whether it be by publishing your short story in an anthology or publishing your first novel. It’s time we paid them back. Hop on your Twitter account and join the #SupportTheLittleGuy campaign.

Here’s a few I’ve already posted. Use them yourself if you like. Actually PLEASE use them!

#SupportTheLittleGuy @SkullvinesPress @HorrorWriters @StygianPub @TTApress @RDSPress @eldersignspress @Dark_Regions_Pr

#SupportTheLittleGuy @LOTLD @shroudmag @BandersnatchBks @belfirepress @PermutedPress @CemeteryDance @DamnationBooks @blackbedsheet

#SupportTheLittleGuy @GravesideTales Go to and sign up for The Gravesider Newsletter.

Go even farther and add your favourite small press authors to the #SupportTheLittleGuy campaign. Put in a few words to your followers about why they should follow them and buy their books. This is your horror genre. It’s up to you and me to keep it alive and strong.

If you have other small press publishers that are on Twitter or not on Twitter, be sure to let me know by leaving a comment on this post or by letting me know on Twitter.