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Click on “Go Large” to join me in a chat.

Chat times will be announced on the main page.


4 Responses to “Chat”

  1. How are you doing Dale?

  2. Hey Brandon,
    My name is Dillon. I’m the writer/director of the short film project “A Waltz” (currently up on Kickstarter). Millie mentioned that you showed some interest and that we should get in touch with you.
    I read up on SupportTheLittleGuy. Very cool. Taking risks is not something many people are willing to do.
    Feel free to email me at Any support/advertisement you could offer would be amazing, and if you’d like any more info or a script sample, etc, let me know.


    • Dillon, I’m sorry I took so long to get to this. For some reason the comment went into spam. I’ve written up a post. I hope it helped out. If there is anything more I can do, let me know. I’ll do what I can.

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